What is Satsang?

The word derives from sanskrit:
'sat' truth and 'sanga' communion and means being together in truth.

Since time immemorial people all over the world have got together in order to express their innermost desire: to find peace within themselves and to live life truthfully, joyfully, beyond religion, philosophy and concepts.

Advaita Vedante Satsang is a direct path without any specific technique or method.
All that matters is that you have the longing and willingness to see who you really are.

The very heart of Satsang is the revelation of that which is already and always eternally silent and everpresent.
It is the recognition that this, your own true nature, is consciousness, beingness, peace.
It is the realization: I am This!
The Truth is not a matter of effort or belief.
It is the graceful end of seeking and needless suffering.
It is Freedom here and now.