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01-03 juni 2018 Maaseik Advaita weekend Gert van Eenbergen
e-mail 0031683145812

There will be an advaita weekend 1, 2 and 3 june, in my house in Maaseik. It was decided spontaneously, because three people asked me if they could meet me that weekend. Food, drinks and lodging will be at 50,00 euro All In, for the whole weekend. Talks at 10,00 euro p.p.p. talk.           So keep this weekend free if you are interested.

Start: Fri 1 juni,  6.00 pm.

End : Sun 3 juni, 6.00 pm.

Talks are not planned in advance, what happens happens spontaneously.

Email: g.vaneenbergen@home.nl          

Tel. nr. Gert: 06.83145812