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06  - 13 november Belgian Ardennes
Château Frandeux
7-day retreats Click here
16  - 23  april 2021 Belgian Ardennes
Château Frandeux
7-day retreats  Click here
04 - 07 december Doorn
‘Landgoed Zonheuvel
3-DAY weekend intensive click here


Two 7-day retreats with Jeff have been planned in beautiful Château Frandeux in the Belgian Ardennes. The title of these retreats is ‘THE INNER SANCTUARY - Ending the struggle with life and resting in the safety of the Deep Heart’.

The first retreat is from 6th - 13th November 2020. This event will have 5 silent days. Click here for all details.
A few places have become available again for this retreat.

The second retreat is from 16th - 23rd April 2021, and will only have silent meals: Click here for all details.
Registration opens on 5th January 2021.

A retreat with Jeff is the ultimate way to rest from the busyness of daily life, relax deeply and experience what is truly within. It’s a chance to see through the drama of your ego, and embrace life exactly how it presents itself to you, here and now. 

Jeff brings a powerful teaching of Presence, which lovingly dismantles our shame and unworthiness at its very root. He will remind you that you are perfect and whole, exactly as you are. 

Join us, and wake up to the miracle of being alive. Find true sanctuary within, no matter what life brings to you. Dive into a healing ocean of love, compassion and clear awareness, supported by peaceful natural surroundings and like-minded friends.

3-DAY weekend intensive

A weekend intensive in The Netherlands is organized from 4th - 7th December 2020. The theme of this weekend is ‘THE DEEP HEART - Coming home to the intimacy of the present moment’. 

Do you long to find peace, acceptance, strength and courage, even in times of fear, doubt and confusion? 

Then join Jeff for a weekend of inspiration, rest and deep compassion. He shares a sacred jewel of inner peace and aliveness amidst the noise and mess of everyday life. This weekend invites you to relax and let go of the exhausting search for success, love, happiness and enlightenment. Explore the place where profound spirituality meets our deepest humanity. Discover the perfection in all pain and joy of life, in this very moment. 

The event will take place in ‘Landgoed Zonheuvel’ in Doorn. This modern, eco-design conference centre has  a lovely atmosphere, very comfortable rooms, and its restaurant serves delicious organic food. A perfect venue for a weekend retreat. 

Moreover, only on this occasion a special Corona arrangement will apply. Participants will be charged for a shared double room, but will all be assigned a single room with private bathroom.

You can find more information on this event on Jeff’s website by clicking here.

Interview door Patrick Kicken


“Enlightenment is not an escape from pain, sadness, boredom, anger.
It’s always there, right in the midst of all these experiences.”
- Jeff Foster


Alle boeken en CD’s van Jeff Foster worden verkocht op de bijeenkomsten, maar k unnen op elk moment besteld worden door een e-mail te sturen naar: menno@freeflowcoaching.nl

Bezoek de boekenpagina van Jeff’s website voor inhoud of recensies: boeken info.

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