John David - Satsang agenda

website: www.johndavidsatsang.international

11-23 maart Rishikesh
Hotel Ishan,
Lakshman Jhula Chowk
FREE Open Satsang Rishikesh daily 11am - 1pm website
28 maart - 01 april Hitdorf,
near Cologne Germany
februari  Retreat website
17 - 26 mei Denia Spain Spring Retreat in Paradise website
08 -14 juli Open Sky House Hitdorf, near Cologne, Germany Experience Satsang Community - Volunteer Week website
30 augustus- 15 september Denia Spain summer Retreat website
23-27 december Hitdorf,
near Cologne Germany
Christmas  Retreat website
20 januari -09 februari Tiruvannamalai,
South India
India Pilgrimage Retreat at Arunachala website


Public Satsang

Every week will be an online Meeting  with John David via the online video call software ‘Zoom’.
You can find more Information here: https://johndavidsatsang.international/zoom-satsang

Every Second week on Monday there will be Live Satsang with John David in Hitdorf.


If you visit us Monday at Open Sky House there will be an abundant vegetarian buffet at 6pm, a concert afterwards and at 8pm Satsang.

The Satsang with John David brings us deeply into presence and emptiness.Everybody is welcome. It is also possible to stay overnight.
John David is also available for single and couple sessions.

Check website or contact Indira for more information and exact dates.

Phone +49 2173 40 99 204
Mobile/Whatsapp  +49 178 289 08 14


Darshan with John David

On Wednesdays, John David is offering Energy Darshan at 8 pm.
A silent energy meeting with John David. Eye contact and a personal blessing.

The Darshan is accompanied with Mantra singing and live music.

Check website or contact Indira for more information and exact dates.

Phone +49 2173 40 99 204
Mobile/Whatsapp  +49 178 289 08 14

Note that occasionally Public Satsang or Energy Darshan will not take place because of other events in John David's schedule.

Take the chance and discover how spirituality can be lived in every day life.

Daily program with Satsang and Darshan with John David, Mantrasinging, Self Inquiry and Flute concert


Aham Sphurana – A Glimpse of Self Realisation
Fascinating dialogues and stories of Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded by Sri Gajapathi Aiyyer in the summer 1936, at Ramana Ashram.

This book contains a selection from the complete manuscript Aham Sphurana. This selection, a brilliant treasure, speaks for itself. Beside the detailed teachings on Self-Enquiry, Surrender and Jnana, it exposes a new glimpse of Bhagavan’s personal day-to-day life at fifty-six, in his middle age.

The Book is available in English and German, as Ebook and Paperback.

Meetings with Remarkable PeopleMeetings with Remarkable People
John Davids new book is a deep dive into the mystery of life, encouraging us to follow our inner navigation, our intuition. Vivid and colourful pointings to Truth, that inspire us to deeply trust, that every moment on our path is absolutely the right moment.  
Touching life stories by twelve spiritual teachers:
Krishna Das, John David, Ram Dass, Mooji, Ram Charan, Usha, Gangaji, Michael Barnett, Isaac Shapiro, Ganga, Mukti, Andrew Cohen
Their deep longing leads them to a spiritual master. This relationship radically changed their lifes and transformed the seeker to a teacher in their own right.
ISBN: 978-1-9163211-0-6

The Pointless Joy of Freedom BookThe Pointless Joy of Freedom
Talks Inspired by Ancient and Contemporary Wisdom
John David's book The Pointless Joy of Freedom is a profound and indispensable guide for facing the modern world with the whole wisdom of humanity at your fingertips. A fascinating compilation of quotations from powerful spiritual figures throughout history, who have inspired the English spiritual teacher John David to give his own interpretations in the form of insightful, profound and humorous public talks.

ISBN: 978-0-9574627-9-3

The Pointless Joy of Freedom Film Trailer

https://youtu.be/LeckKqTpR3E (-Youtube Video embedded-)


Blueprints for Awakening
Rare Dialogues with 7 Indian Masters on the Teachings of Sri Ramana MaharshiBlueprints for Awakening

Blueprints for Awakening is for everyone who has an inner passion to know what they are doing here as a human being.  In two volumes, this books features 14 interviews with important Indian spiritual teachers on the teachings of their fellow Master, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and on the ancient teachings of India. The result is a compendium of astonishing wisdom about the biggest secret of all times: the nature of our true Self and how to realise it.
Vol1 ISBN: 978-0-9574627-4-8
Vol2 ISBN: 978-0-9574627-4-8

Blueprints for Awakening Film Trailer



Satsang John David
John David 

‘ There is no spiritual Life, there is just Life!’


John David is a spiritual teacher, author, painter and filmmaker.

He grew up in England and worked as an architect in London and Japan. Successful on the outside there was still something lacking inside, which led him to an inner journey. He was guided to Oshos Ashram in India where he lived for many years.

After Osho passed away he went to Papaji, (H.W.L. Poonja) where a profound awakening happened. He stayed with Papaji for five years, grounding the moment of awakening.

In 2000 he started sharing in meetings in Australia. He travelled all over the world to find and interview Indian, European, Australian and American spiritual teachers. In this way he collected their wisdom on film and in books  Blueprints for Awakening, so that it may be there for future generations.

In 2003 he moved to Germany offering meetings all over Europe. In 2004 the Open Sky House Satsang and Art Community formed spontaneously around him out of a retreat. Today there are three places, near Cologne in Germany, near Kiev in Ukraine and near Valencia in Spain, where John David works and shares closely and intensely with his students. Students who don`t live in the community meet regularly in Sangha groups.

In all three places everybody can meet John David in Satsang meetings, retreats and individual sessions. You can spend time in his community at any time as a guest or volunteer.

More information on


Open Sky House - Visit as Volunteer or Guest

 Open Sky House - Visit as Volunteer or Guest


Open Sky House is an international Satsang and Arts community, an experiment in conscious living that began spontaneously in 2004.
Since 2006 the Open Sky House community has lived in a beautiful, picturesque 17th Century mansion on the banks of the Rhine in the center of Europe, between Cologne and Dusseldorf.
It is open to everybody who has come to the point in their lives where they want to know themselves. Not their stories and dramas, but rather their true nature. 'Who am I?' is the focus within the community.
The name Open Sky House is a welcome for everybody. We invite you to visit us. We invite you to become still, to Be As You Are.

Creativity arises naturally from silence and stillness. The community supports all forms of creative expression. The Open Sky Band provides music for Satsang, Mantra singing, community events and enjoyment. We are developing art, dance and theatre. Each Monday we invite different musicians to give a concert. There is an art gallery for painting, sculpture and photography exhibitions.

You can visit at any time. Join us for lunch or dinner. Attend the daily meditations. Enjoy our current art exhibition. Or just come and sit in the courtyard! We ask you to call us before to announce your visit!

As a Volunteer

Learn to live in satsang 24 hours a day and enjoy the support of a loving Community.
You join in the daily 'work and play' of the Community, in the kitchen, the office, with the children and on Community projects. Enjoy the surroundings and daily meditations. There is a lot of creativity in our house and you're welcome to play and sing, dance, paint or express your love in cooking or having fun with the children. As a volunteer you stay for free.

As a Guest

If you would like to stay for some time as a guest you have the opportunity to nourish yourself and rest, to walk and cycle in the beautiful surroundings along the Rhine, sit on the beach or walk through the park, join the daily meditations, or simply enjoy some time with the community.
Please contact our office to arrange your visit as a Volunteer or Guest.