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elke vrijdag Zoom EN
19.00-20.30 website
elke zaterdag Zoom EN
10.30-12.00 website
07-09 juni Budapest Live meeting website
12-16 juni  2024 Zell im Wiesental - Zuid Duitsland, dichtbij Basel, Residential website
6 juli 2024 Nassaukerk, De Wittenkade 111, 1052BB, Amsterdam. Live meeting website
6-12 oktober 2024 Vietnam
Residential  website


Nieuw boek

Wondresly freeNothing matters.
It does not matter what you say or do.
No good or wrong.
Everything is empty and full, together.
That is the fun of this book.
It is as easy as it is incomprehensible.

That what is happening, that what you are doing,
how you are doing it, that is it.
There is no one doing it,
it just happens, by itself. Apparently.
But this does not seem to be the truth.
There is this deeply rooted idea; you are there
and you should be different.
That there is a world that should be different.
That you can do something.
There has to be a road towards something better.

This is it. Everything is already complete.
No escape, for no-one.
This is freedom.

Via deze link kun je bij uitgeverij Samsara de trailer bekijken en het boek bestellen: https://www.samsarabooks.com/boeken/wonderlijk-vrij/