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Satsang schedule abroad

Schedule Belgium & retreats outsite of The Netherlands.

Only English language Satsangs are listed on this page.
A full list of Satsangs can be found on the Dutch page

date with [sort ] location [sort ] time /program
14-16 juli John David Cologne, Germany Open Day - Celebration Weekend, all for free!
22 juli- 6 august John David Kiev, Ukraine Summer Holiday Retreat, incl. Tantra weekend
18 august- 3 september John David Valencia, Spain Summer Holiday Retreat, incl. Tantra weekend
27 september - 7 oktober Unmani Portugal 10 daagse Intensieve Retreat
1 - 5 november Unmani Wales Intensieve Retreat
17 t/m 24 nov Jeff Foster FRANDEUX (B) 7-Daagse Retraite
23-27 december John David Cologne, Germany Christmas Retreat
6 - 27 januari 2018 John David India Tiruvannamalai Arunachala India Pilgrimage Retreat